Wednesday, April 26, 2006

At The Mall

While I was at the mall, I gave King of the Fighters 11 ago for a very enjoyable
experience. It was nice to see characters, like the Duck King from the Fatal Fury series, make a come back.
The roster is a pretty good number of characters (32 playable right of the bat), but for all you importers out there, there are going be 7 extra characters (on the Ps2) in japan this June. Can't wait.

After a few bouts, on the Tekken 5 machine, I ventured into the local game store. There was nintendo display with the new Naruto game
on demo. The game is pretty good, I enjoyed the fast pace and flashy gameplay, which seem to burst from the monitor. I made two new pals, played some very good match against them. The pics at the right are snap shots of the two going all out on each other. I did not recieve the names of the two players, but I give them credit for some great matches. Boooya!

These pics from Naruto 3 are for all you importers out there looking for a good version of the series on Ps2. I warn you, this is only for Ps2 in japan and doesn't work on U.S. systems. Only for those who are able to play such games.
The smaller pics are captures of my younger cousins in long and lightning fast matches. They are so good that they give even me a run for my money. If you want more pic and information, click HERE. Its in Japanese, but you will be able to figure out the layout. Also, checkout CrookJester in my links for Naruto 3 match videos. Until later, Boooya!