Saturday, May 06, 2006

E3 Phone Home ? Oh... I am Home.

This coming up week is the biggest week for gaming. Yes, it is E3 time. This happen to be the event to see all the up and coming new games and systems before they are released. I will not be there this year. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, it is the biggest E3 in years, because all the new systems (PS3 and Wii formerly known as Revolution) are going to be presented in detail. My buds ( at the local Comic book shop) that have been blessed to go, are preparing for their outing to the show of all gaming shows and rubbing it in deep. I'm not too upset, I can dig up minute to minute info , on what happening, at the E3 Insider Site. Check my Links. For those buds that like to rubbed it in, ";lll." read between the lines. Hehehe, booya!