Sunday, May 14, 2006

More Expo Info

The new Tekken 6 and Gundam games appeared in video form at the expo. Both of them showed great promise and the eminence graphical power the Ps3 is capable of producing. I said it before, I say it again. I can't wait!

A new Mario Smash Bro. game for Wii (known as Mario Brawl) presented its greatly looked for existence and installed a smile on each and every nintenfan's face. In the video, there was a showcase of new characters shown and a secret characterthat surprised all. And there were many other Wii game that used the new controller theme in ways that seemed natural and just on the target right. Gamespot... link... go.

Naruto 2 for gamecube coming just a few months after the release of the first game in relation to the Saturday night tv show present chapter. It has all the gameplay and graphic charm with add characters, levels, and 4 player mode. Take a look at Gamespot or Ign for more info.