Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I made a video of Urban Reign, a very good fighting game that was release about a year ago. It received some so so ratings, but in my opinion, this is one of the best beatem up game to come out on the Ps2. Creating combos are a snap(timing and direction),the 2 person hold moves are abundant (as well as the single person hold moves), the unlockable modes add more option of play, and a 4 players option that rocks big time. For the players that complained that the difficulty level was to high, you all smurfs. The game was made to be just a little bit broader than a typical arcade button masher. You have to work to reach the end. 1. Learn to evade attacks. 2. Help out you partner. 3. If there is a weapon around, use it. 4. USE THE ENVIRONMENT,the lightpoles, mailboxes, trees, etc can help slow down enemy attacks (by acting as a wall between the two fighters), especially if the enemies are in rage. Wait it out until they can take hit damage again. It is better to go through the story (which is adequate for a beatem up) with a human partner, if you have a friend close. The two player code for story and free mode is L1,R2,circle,circle,Triangle,L2,R1,circle,Triangle,circle at the title screen. You have to put the code in again to deactivate it. If you find this game pick it up, You will not be sorry, unless you are a smurf.