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Memphis Office Battle Tournament: SSF4-T6-MvC3: Feb 26th

Memphis is back on the map and proud to announce another tournament for your enjoyment. There will be 3 main games as follows...SSF4....T6BR...MvC3!!!
Please remember to bring your A-game and Hype!

Saturday,February 26th, 2011

7721 Hacks Cross rd.
Olive Branch, MS, 38654
(Yes, this is an office, hence the title!)
There is plenty of room in this venue...well ventilated...plenty of seating...and an abundance of eatery within a 1/4 mile!

Venue Fee: $10.00
SSF4: $10.00
Tekken 6: $10.00
MvC3: $5.00
Note: All tournament payouts will be 70/20/10 split for top 3 players!

Other note: Venue Fee will be waived if you bring a FULL, NO LAG setup! Please remember that this consist of a TV/Monitor with a system and the game! Please post up here if you can provide a setup!

Time:Venue will be open at 10:00am for Signing-In and Casual play.
SSF4: will promptly begin at 12:00pm sharp. If your not in attendance by noon but are on the way, please contact me or you will be left out of the bracket!

Tekken 6: will begin promptly at 1:00pm Sharp. You should be at venue by this time!

MvC3: will promptly begin at 2:30pm. Again, your not here by then, then your S.O.L.

Tournament Format:

All games will be double elimination style!

SSF4: Xbox 360
2/3 Rounds/Matches
3/5 Finals/Grand Finals
Random Stages.
Loser can change character between matches, winner cannot! Winner can change ultras!
Blind select can be available by notifying judge only!

Tekken 6: PS3
3/5 Rounds
2/3 Matches
3/5 Finals/Grand Finals
Random Stages
Loser can change characters, winner cannot!

MvC3: xbox/ps3 (not familiar with official rules so bare with me)
2/3 matches
3/5 Finals/Grand Finals
Default Timer
Random Stages
Loser can change teams between matches, winner cannot. Winner can change order and style though?
Note: Probably more rules added after game drops, so keep an eye out!

Tournament Rules:
This is a BYOC (bring your own controller) event! There is nothing worse than holding up a tournament because you dont have a stick/controller. Sort your life out and get your stuff together ahead of time!
No button mapping allowed...(only KKK - PPP in SSF4)
No pausing (hitting start button) during match. If you do, you will forfeit the round and the timer will be ran out! (exceptions, maybe, during ultra animation in SSF4.)
Please do your button checks before actual tournament match! If you pause game because of stick malfunctions, the tournament director will check your stick. If nothing is found wrong, you will forfeit said round and timer will be ran out!
Tournament director will have final say on all these type of situations!

Live Stream:
There is a possibility of this event being streamed live! If you wish to help with stream, please contact Squabbler or Myself here or in the TN thread.

If you have any questions, just post up!!!!

If you think Memphis does not have a scene, than think again! We have some heavy hitters with true potential. HYPE is our middle name and we are ready to take on anyone!
Post up your MM's, grudge matches etc...etc... LET'S GET HYPE, SON!

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