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Jose Jas Santiago Updated Memphis Bawse Battles II Tournament Info: Some Changes and Game Announcements

TL;DR - Get your ass to MBB2, no excuses!


It's that time of year again for the biggest, baddest, and most hype event in Memphis, TN. Due to mass demand, we are proud to announce Memphis Bawse Battles 2 (MBB2). Last year's event was a great success, loaded with hype and salty moments, and established a home for the renowned Bawse Mystery Tournament.
For this year's event, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will be headlining. Memphis is home to some of the strongest Tekken players in the nation, including Lil Majin (best King in the world; 3rd place finisher Final Round 16) and Shinblade. If you think you have what it takes to be the King of the Iron Fist, then come get that fight money (trophy and bragging rights included).

Memphis has been a strong supporter of our neighboring states' events in the past few years, so come support the TN fighting game community and experience what is known as "Memphis Hype". You have almost 5 months to make plans for attendance, so please don't wait until the last minute.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ($10 - PS3)
- 3/5 rounds, 2/3 games, ALL finals 3/5 games

Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition 2012 ($10 - 360)
- 2/3 rounds, 2/3 games, ALL finals 3/5 games

Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 ($10 - 360)
- ALL tourney 3/5 games

Persona 4 Arena ($10 - 360)
- 2/3 games, ALL finals 3/5 games

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core ($10 - PS3)
- 2/3 games, ALL finals 3/5 games

Bawse Mystery Tournament ($5 - ?)
- 2/3 games*, ALL finals 3/5 games*
* where not game dependent

TN vs ARK - 5v5 UMVC3 ($20/player)

All games will be 70% / 20% / 10% pay out format to the top 3 players.

- Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (+$200)
- Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition 2012 (+$100)
- Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 (+$100)

* There must be at least 40 entrants in each game to qualify for pot bonuses

- Standard: $15 registration fee, plus $10 per game*
- Late: Standard registration fees, plus $5 late fee for that specific game*
- Spectator: $5 spectator fee (Kids 12 and under free, with adult supervision)

* Bawse Mystery Tournament is $5 entry fee

10 AM - Registration Opens
12 PM - Registration for SSF4AE2012 and Persona 4 close
12:30 - SSF4AE2012 and Persona 4 events begin

2:30 - Registration for UMVC3 and GGAC close
3:00 - UMVC3 and GGAC events begin

5:00 - Registration for TTT2 and Bawse Mystery Tournament close
5:30 - TTT2 and Bawse Mystery Tournament events begin

Memphis Bawse Battles 2 will be streamed live by PandaxGaming. Be sure to follow him on twitter (@solidxpanda) and on TwitchTV (

That 8-Bit Guy
We are proud to announce "That 8-Bit Guy" as an official sponsor of MBB2. If you are a fan of bead art, be sure to come check out his booth at MBB2, as well as on his Facebook page. Also, be sure to send a pre-order in soon, as you will be able to pick it up at MBB2. He will also be providing various prize donations. Visit his Facebook page at

- Raffles (win prizes!)
- MBB2 shirts will be available for purchase
- Snacks will be available for purchase

#1: BE ON TIME. If you are going to be late, get in touch with a friend and have them register for you. You will be able to register late for a game that has already started, but only under the following conditions: (1) The tournament has not completed the opening round, and (2) there is a bye available in the bracket to place you.

#2: Report for your matches in a timely manner. You will be called for a match twice. If you do not report to your match or to an official on your second call, you will be placed on a 3-minute timer. If you have not reported when the timer has reached zero, you will be disqualified for that match. No exceptions. If you need to leave, or plan to be gone for an extended period of time, please inform an official before you leave and when you return.

#3: NO STANK Policy. By registering for MBB2, you agree to the possibility of being escorted to the nearest can of Febreeze for detox and sterilization. Please take the necessary precautions before the tournament to prevent this policy being invoked on you: (1) take a shower; (2) apply some deodorant; (3) put on some fresh clothes; etc.

For those of you interested in booking a hotel room at the venue, I have worked out a sweet deal just for you. If you book your room between now and the end of July, you will get the room for $89 a night! Just follow the link bellow

Or visit and when making a reservation put in the 3 letter group code “BA3 when it asks for the “group code”. You can also call the hotel directly or dial 1-800-HOLIDAY (465-4329) and ask for the group name, Memphis Bawse Battles, to get the discounted rate.
Here's a video link of the hotel as well.

There will be more announcements as we get closer to the event date, so check back regularly for updates. Also, be sure to spread the word to all your friends, train / level up, and bring them with you.

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