Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Finally, 360 owners can play the up to date version of  Skullgirls Encore that the Ps3 owners have happily been playing for a while. The update will include Big band, Squigly,  new moves and game play changes. If you are having problems downloading or finding the compatibility update, just erase and download the game again. First go to the store, go into search and type out Skullgirls to find. Bigband and Squigly are in the add-on part of the marketplace for download after your install the updated to Encore. I’ve been playing Encore on Steam that included the beta which gave me early access  to the new characters for a while, but having it on a console is great and gives the ability to play against my 360 buds. So the wait is over. Go download this gem of a game update. If possible,  if any of you can post your first lab-in videos of Bigband  and Squigly, put up a link below and share your first outings with the new characters.

UPDATE: When you install game again you still need to download the 823 mb compatibility update from the marketplace. Just search in google will in the store , all thing skullgirls, to find it.

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